Textiles: vintage fabric, curtains, bedlinen, trimmings, tea cosies & more

In the shop we currently have a selection of textiles including:-

Three mid-20th cotton prints. Different styles and designs; A heavy thick cotton padded pale cream based quilt with subtle red floral patches / a mostly dark green quilt with traditional design patchwork in multi colours, the fabrics used from the 30s to 50s / a red and pale pink american style design quilt

Nearly 10 yards of linen printed Sanderson-like curtain or light upholstery fabric. Gorgeous browns and green floral print
Libertys 1960s curtain material approx 5 yards
French 1950s deep pink floral pieces for upholstery and curtains, some fringed
Lots of white linen and threadwork table linens from the 1900 to 1940s

Vintage and vintage-style tea cosies include a large early '30s tea cosy in a stunning silk satin green and velvet, almost oriental print, 60s modernist patterns, 70s orange prints and 30s and 40s pastel linen embroidered cosies..and lots more. Plus NEW hand-knitted cosies from 30s to 50s patterns. Plus adorable hand-made OWL cushions from vintage fabrics and buttons.


* Lace and silk trimming bits and bobs and corsages

* Haberdashery items including 30s 'bra strap', suspender and girdle fittings !

* 1960s pochette travel slippers -  one pink floral pair travel slippers size M

* Bridal garlands from the 30s including wax headresses and corsages, delicate and gorgeous